Baby Toes

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It all started a couple of years ago when I received some newborn pictures from my nephew and his wife.  They had slipped their wedding rings on the baby's big toe.  I asked if I could use it and then had sort of kept that picture in my mind off and on since.  Recently I was asked to display quilts in a jewelry store.  In our city many of the downtown merchants act as art galleries and this was a new venue for me.  I thought of the baby toe picture and thought it might be fun to make a little quilt of it to fit with the jewelry theme.

Here is a collection of the pictures along the way as I painted the small quilt.




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Moved at Last

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Since my husband just retired as pastor at our church (after 36 years).  We have moved to Arcata, Ca

It's been a busy time, but I'm finally feeling comfortable in my new quilting space and have actually completed a couple of small projects.

One was a happy little quilt called "Sunny Days".  It was made of hand dye fabrics.  The yellows were done as gradations of a gold yellow and seemed to me perfect for a sun.



I also used some of my low water method results for the sashing, and then a purchased piece for the background.



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NQA Article

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I am pleased to have an article in the Quilting Quarterly of the National Quilting Assn's Spring issue.

The article features the methods used for the "Floral Promise" quilt by my group "Fiber Art Friends".






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Transparent grids available

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Here's something new to make your photo to quilt enlargement easier.

The transparent grids come in these sizes:

          20x25"                  25x35"                30x40"


You will still need the book to know my methods, but these will help you to get your photomap ready.

The set of three is $10. plus shipping.  Contact me if you're interested as these are not in the "store" at this time.

May your quilting adventures be happy ones.

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Photos of quilts

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It's photo day.  This is an essential part of documenting your quilt and if you want to enter it in a show, you really need good photos.

So this is what we do.


Hubby is the photographer


Please excuse my mess--this is a "working studio"!!



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