Mosaic Landscape Quilts--Artistic Patchwork

Createspace, pub date October, 2015

What fun! It's like putting together a puzzle!

An easy square by square method to create beautiful picture quilts.  You'll be amazed watching your picture become a work of art. Once you learn the techniques--you'll be able to use your own favorite photos to create a stunning quilt.


Fabric+Paint+Thread = Fabulous!

Martingale & Co.,
pub date Dec. 09

Paint on fabric is a fun, easy way to get that picture ready to quilt.  (Yes, it is easy even if you aren't an "artist)  I explain methods for transfer of a photo map to fabric. Thread is now as beautiful as the fabric we use.  There are many ways to utilize it.  I show a way to build appliqué motifs out of thread to be applied to quilt or garments.  You'll love it! (It's like scribbling.)



Mosaic Picture Quilts, Turn Favorite Photos into Stunning Quilts
by Pat Durbin.

Pub:  Martingale & Co.
pub date Dec. 07

It's a very different way to piece landscape quilts, it's fun and easy to build your picture out of fabric.  Then you quilt it to hold it all together. This book is now out of print.  I still have some if you want a copy.  Otherwise the ebook is available Martingale & Co. website.