Long Road to Bethlehem 2

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Hi, well I've been working on both my figures but haven't taken time to blog.

VBS is over and we had a great week. Lots of fun kids.

So here's Joseph's face--what do you think of this stripe for his coat?


The quilt is coming along.  I'm getting down to some parts that I'm not sure how to approach, so I'll have to mull them over during my sleep and do a bunch of sketching--getting myself ready to move onto the background.  Another thing is the hands on Mary.  I painted them, like the faces, but now I need to applique them over her gown.  My usual method is to machine stitch, but I'm not sure.  You won't believe it, but I'm actually considering "hand stitching" them down.  So many little ins and outs, make it difficult to get things turned under nicely.  So I'll let you know....


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