Embarking on the "Long Road to Bethlehem"

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Well, I think my quilter's "muse" is back.  I awakened dreaming quilt ideas again last night and the urge to work on my quilt is right there in the forefront.  You might think—so what?  But it’s been awhile since I’ve felt those creative juices flowing much.

So here I go – I’m working on a new piece.  I think it’s going to be fun.  Gary asked if I was going to blog it and I didn’t think I would. (kind of save it).  But I decided I’d blog ½ of it for you and save the whole thing until the end.

This is the plan.  I had dear hubby take pictures of a lovely couple and posed them as Mary and Joseph.  She is “great with child”.  Right now she has a lavender head covering and a dark blue dress/drape (?)!

So what color should he be wearing?  He has a sort of robe over a sort of shirt and a head covering as well.  I’d like red but I think he’d steal the show and I want him to be the “supporting actor” that his role dictates.  Any suggestions?



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