Back at the sewing machine

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My goal has been to get myself producing quilts again.  I have lots of ideas, but have really accomplished "not much" lately.

So I took a sketch down to be enlarged yesterday, but when I got home I started on something else entirely.  Who knows how this quilter's mind works!


When I was making the large Forest Walk quilt, I thought that I would use a lot of redwood boughs that were made from thread.  However when I started putting them on the quilt...I didn't like it.  As a result I had a bunch of already made boughs so I needed a place to sew them.


I did a rough forest scene - sort of based on a picture from Sequoia Park.  I scattered the threadplay over the top and now it's ready to quilt.  ( I hope that the quilting does miracles for it!)

I started on the big tree and will keep you posted on how it goes.



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