More quilters makes for fun!

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The "Pots" collaboration is finally done.  It will be shown first at Redwood Acres Regional Fair.

I must say that this was a fun experiment.  I'll show you my part and then the finished quilt.

First I was given an outline drawing, full sized, and a tiny 1/8 of a 4x6 photo of the picture.  No one (except the two who organized the project) saw the whole photo.  So the instructions were to use colors as close to the photo as possible and we were given a strip of yellow print for the inside border.  We all went home and went to work.  We constructed our piece + 1/2" seam allowance to the required size, added the yellow border and a border of our choice, then quilted our little section.


Then we met to unveil the results.  We pinned up the pieces with backs showing.


next, 1 by 1 we turned them over.  It was really exciting to see the picture revealed bit by bit.


Each participant received a "pot".  The quilt will be shown at a couple of locations then sold and the proceeds given to a charity to be decided by the group. Edith & Donna (directors) Jerry, Maggie, Cheryl, Jody, Diane and Pat.

I'm pleased with the results and was happy to have been included in the artsy 8 quilters group.


the bright blue pot near the center has a reflection of Edith taking the original photo.  Jody used photo transfer to capture that little spark of reality to her square.

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