Fiber Art Friends have good news

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My quilting group: Fiber Art Friends, got good news yesterday.  AQS called saying that our Bridge Project won 3rd place in the "Ultimate Guild Challenge" at Grand Rapids.

How exciting to have people enjoy and recognize our work.  This challenge required us to use a recognizable portion of a regional bridge as well as a plant that would grow in our area.  Everyone went to work and we did not see the resulting quilts until "revealing day".  Its always a surprise to see what the others came up with.  Here are the resulting quilts:

x bridges1

x bridges2

top left to bottom right

Diane May, Samoa Bridge, Eureka. CA

Donna Parker, Hammond Bridge, McKinleyville

Edith Harmer, Brookwood Bridge, Bayside

Gerry Smeltzer, Samoa Bridge during the Kenectic Sculpture Race, Eureka

Jody Rusconi, 1928 North Fork of the Mad River, Korbel

Maggie Stimson, Confusion Hill Project

Rosalinda Brainerd,  new Bridgeville bridge from the old bridge, Bridgeville

Pat Durbin, inside of the Elk River Covered Bridge on Berta Ranch, Eureka





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