A little lattice test block

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Hi, I thought I'd share a little experiment I did this morning.  I know, it's not a new technique, but it was new for me.  (except I remember doing something like this with paper in grade school).

First, I cut 1/2" strips from two different batiks.

Next, I put some fusible, glue side up on an ironing surface. 

I lay the one color all in a row and pinned at the bottom

Laying back each 2nd strip, to make room, the second color was put down across. I pinned each end.


Next you do the opposite strips and continue on until the whole square is turned into a lattic checkerboard.


When complete I pressed the strips down to the fusible and let rest a minute before removing the paper.  You can't see that too well, because the paper is clear.


Then I used a scrap piece of paper to cut a heart shape and drew around it on the back side.


Following the lines I cut with pinking shears and then stitched the heart to a background piece.


I finished up with fancy stitches and quilting.  It was a fun little piece to make.



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