Sheena, the Baby Tiger

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Ever since I got to pet the baby tiger, I've been thinking about doing a quilt of her. So this week I started painting. She's ready to start putting heavy thread onto. I pulled out some Superior threads. I have a big shipment due to arrive today, so there might be some additional appropriate colors there.


First, I tried piecing a background for her and wasn't thrilled with it. So I sewed everything together and made a "doll" quilt.  Our guild gives away 300 doll quilts for children who might need them during the Christmas season.  It takes many contributions to gather up 300 quilts.  I can see this leafy one going to a little boy.

Then after that was done, I thought…what shall I do for a background for my tiger???  I decided to try dyeing a purple/blue piece.  Actually I also died some green and gold, but neither turned out that well so I’ll just show you the one I like. J


Don’t know if it will actually turn out to be the real start of the background, but I think it has possibilities.

By the way- I’ve done very little dyeing, and it is time consuming, and kind of messy, but that one piece out of four tries was worth my time, (I think).



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