Lights Along the Way

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The Lights Along the Way is done!  ta-da!

We took a trip to photograph lighthouses in 2005.  The plan all along was to make a quilt with several of my favorite lighthouses featured  We started in southern Washington, traveled down through Oregon to northern Calif. - my territory.

In 2006 I taught a class with the first lighthouse pattern.  Several times later I would get out the pictures and design another block.

In 2008 I finally started the large quilt. So that's the official start date.  I made several and then put it away.  Later I'd take it out and make another valiant effort.  Finally they were all done, but how would I place them on a quilt.  I put it away again. You know what usually happens to a quilt like this don't never gets done.

Well this year, I've been struggling with my "what to do next" issues - so I took it out again - I know, long story.  Now it's done.  Though it may not be the grandest quilt that ever came along, I'm so, so happy to have it done!! 


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