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Wild Rhodies

34”x 65”  2014

Proudly displayed at the National Quilt Museum Exhibit, 2017

Another forest quilt...yes I love them.  This time I wanted to capture the sight of rhododendrons along with the redwoods.  It required a photo taking excursion.  I have a patient husband!

The quilt is Mosaic picture pieced with applique details.

There are also heavy machine embroidery boughs in the trees.



Below you will see the construction of the flowers and organizing for placement on the quilt top. 

Redwood Acres, Eureka June 2014 1st place, Best of Show 
Int'l Quilt Fest, Houston Oct 2014 3rd place, Naturescapes
American Q Soc, Paducah KY  Apr 2015  Honorable Mention
Juried Shows    
Pacific Int'l Q Fest. Oct 2015 Santa Clara, CA
Road to Calif   Ontario, CA
Studio Art Quilt Portfolio   Volumn 22
Mosaic Landscape Quilts 2015 Gallery