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Come Sit With Me

42" x 34"

Proudly displayed at the National Quilt Museum Exhibit, 2017


While in Kentucky our adult children came to visit with us and we spent some time on Kentucky Lake.  I made this quilt to remember the beautiful scene and the fun we had as a family.

Techniques: Pieced sky, painted patio, applique trees and details, thread sketched leaves. Cotton batting. Heavily quilted.

All wall quilts have a "sleeve" attached at the top back for easy hanging using a dowel, or curtain rod.

 Redwood Art Assn. 05/2015 Honorable Mention
Juried Shows:    
Pacific Int'l Q Festival 10/2015  
American Q Soc 02/2016 Phoenix, AZ



In the quilting process, I try to use a lot of thread to add texture and interest to the piece.  Here is the detail shot showing the leaf section.