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Coastal Garden

35" x 25" 

Proudly displayed at the National Quilt Museum Exhibit, 2017

Near our home we discovered a hidden away park of azaleas.  From the location we could see the Pacific Ocean in the background. I decided to use my new "Mosaic" method. With a twist of shaping the flowers and adding a few beads.  The print that I found is not azaleas, the has the "mood" of those flowers.

This quilt was featured as a pattern in my first book "Mosaic Picture Quilts". pub Martingale & Co. 2007

I decided recently to offer it for sale. 

Mosaic picture quilts are made with many squares of cotton fabrics. Before the quilting process they are overlaid with fine netting (tulle). Machine quilted.

All wall quilts have a "sleeve" attached at the top back for easy hanging using a dowel, or curtain rod.