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Grandfather Giant

45" x 90"

Once again I've headed to the forest for inspiration.  The Idea of this quilt was to make it tall.  I actually considered making it taller than this, but this just barely hangs a bit off the floor in my house.

I found the inspiration tree in Sequoia Park.  It was covered in burl at the bottom making it look pretty rough.  That's why I chose the name--it looked like it had been there quite a while.

Techniques: Mosaic picture piecing foreground, painted sky, applique trees and foliage using a picture as a photomap. Heavily quilted.

 All wall quilts have a "sleeve" attached at the top back for easy hanging using a dowel, or curtain rod.

inspiration photos--this is the top, and then the bottom - there is a whole section between.  These trees are SO big that you can't get them in one picture!




 Humboldt County Fair 08/2017

Best of Show